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Bovine Bone for Dental Implant

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A&B Bovine Bone  


│ Description │

A&B Bovine Bone Material for dental implant


│ Feature │ 


Fast and Complete Hydrophilia :

- Three dimensional Pore Network

- Satisfied with higer operation

- To accelerate Osseointegration and gaurantee resulting stability 


 Interconnected Porous Structure :

- Structure of Particles similar to the human body

- The best cell adhesion and To absorb blood

- To activate accelerative osteoblast and osteophage


Stable and reliable material :

- Uses bone of 100 % Korean native adult cattle

- Acquires natual bone minerals by at least 30 cleaning processes to completely get rid of organic matter

- Forms solid bone with high density


Optimi sed Manufacturing Porcess :

- Heater made in Germany not allowed even fine temperature differences

- Protects Carbon, essential component of biocompatibility and osteophony by

  low heat treatment under 600° 

- Produced in a clean room, high-level 1,000 class

- Double-packed, Sterilization process prior to eradiation

- Process not allowed to activate virus